Education Abroad

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) offers Education Abroad destinations that span the globe, with opportunities to live, learn, experience different cultures and conduct research in more than 25 countries.

More details are also available through the MSU Office for Education Abroad.

Future Opportunities

Would you like to learn Spanish in Costa Rica? Trek in the Himalayas? Engage in community-based development? Learn more about the many options available to CANR students all over the world, including:


  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia/Oceania
  • Europe
  • North America/Central America
  • South America

Different Options

You can study abroad at almost any time during your academic program.

Some students want to study abroad for a few weeks in the summer, during spring break or during winter break. Others want to spend a full semester or even an entire academic year steeped in the culture of another country.

Wherever and whenever you want to go, the CANR has the right Education Abroad program for you.

Whether MSU students are going abroad or coming to campus from other countries, they’re in for life-changing experiences—experiences that just might change the world.

Programs & Courses

Overall, MSU offers Education Abroad programs in more than 35 countries. In addition, more than 40 Education Abroad programs have a community engagement component that allows students to contribute in a meaningful way to the people and places they visit.

Take courses in your major in places such as Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand or the Philippines. These are just a few of the locations where you can study and take classes that could fulfill your major requirements.

The CANR sponsors many programs that offer ISS, ISB or ISP courses. You could complete your Integrative Studies requirements in locations like Australia, Costa Rica, India or even Antarctica.

Next Steps

For all of your Education Abroad options, visit MSU Education Abroad and contact your academic advisor.

For more information about Education Abroad in the CANR, contact Rhonda Crackel via at

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