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The Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established on August 17, 1957. The purpose of the organization shall be "The collection, administration, and investment of funds donated by any person(s), firm(s), or corporation(s), wishing: (1) to recognize various groups and/or organizations, (2) to honor members of the dairy and allied industries (living or deceased) who have performed distinguished services for the dairy industry of Michigan, (3) to provide scholarships for specific financial aid to worthy undergraduates desiring to acquire technical and/or academic training in the fields of dairy science, and/or processing or manufacturing of dairy products through regular four-year college courses, short courses, and/or such technical training as dairy plant engineering or such other courses as the Board of Directors deems advisable, and (4) to support specific educational programs enhancing the curriculum for students with a dairy interest."

The Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarship Fund is the largest scholarship program in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The Goal

The Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation needs your financial support. Through your gifts, students pursuing careers in the dairy industry receive scholarships at Michigan State University. These bright, young new leaders and fresh ideas to help meet the challenges our industry will face in years to come.

Endowment Benefits

The Foundation's endowment was established through contributions make in honor of individuals who have served this great industry. In turn, income from this endowment creates scholarships that support deserving students who want to pursue careers in the dairy industry.

Students who receive the Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation awards come from all areas of Michigan. Many come from dairy farms. They have a strong interest in the dairy industry and major in various College of Agriculture and Natural Resources programs including Food Science and Human Nutrition or Animal Science. Active both in and out of the classroom, they often take on leadership roles in the Food Science Club or the Dairy Science Club at MSU.

In addition to demonstrated academic performance and strong leadership skills, scholarship winners show a deep commitment to community involvement.

Scholarship recipients receive financial support of up to $3,750 per semester. All full-time undergraduate students planning a career in the dairy industry are eligible.

Why Invest in Students?

Michigan's dairy industry is the largest and most profitable segment of the state's agricultural industry. Much of the credit for this success goes to the hard work of those on the farms and in processing, manufacturing and marketing. They have been willing to put into practice ideas, techniques and theories developed by bright, young, innovative people entering the dairy industry every year. Many of these young people receive their education and experience at Michigan State University.

The Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation wants to ensure that the best and the brightest continue to enter our industry. Providing scholarships for tuition so that young people can attend Michigan State University to prepare for a dairy industry career is perhaps the best investment we can make in our future.

Donor Recognition

Through appropriate support, the Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation honors donors in one of the following ways:

Foundation Honorees

When $1,000 or more is given to recognize and honor a dairy leader, that individual will become a Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation Honoree and will receive appropriate recognition by the Foundation. A plaque with the Honoree's picture will be permanently installed in the Pavilion at Michigan State University, and the Honoree's name will be permanently inscribed on a plaque in Anthony Hall.

Named Scholarships

Scholarships may be named for an individual or organization with a minimum gift of $50,000. A named scholarship is awarded as part of the Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation program and carries the name of the individual or organization that provides the funds.


Applications are available below and are due September 27 (Freshman, Ag Tech, Veterinary), February 28 (New or Renewal for 4-year program) or January 28 (Barnes International Scholarships).

  • $3,000 over two semesters to freshmen in Ag Tech or 4-year program
  • $2,000 for fall semester to Ag Tech students
  • $3,500 over two semesters to students in a 4-year program (new or renewal)
  • Glenn and Anne Lake Scholarship - $8,500 over two semesters
  • Russel Erickson Scholarship - $6,000 over two semesters
  • Donald and Valera Murray Scholarship - $5,000 over two semesters
  • Harold and Lillian Gremel Scholarship - $5,000 for a student in veterinary school
  • Red and Edna Cotter Purina Memorial Scholarship - $5,000 for a student in veterinary school (preference to those with international interest)
  • John and Barbara Dilland Scholarship - $5,000 for a student with a major in Agribusiness Management
  • Jack and Betty Barnes International Scholarship - four $2,000 scholarships for students planning an international experience
  • Archie Studer Scholarship - $5,000 over two semesters for student with interest in dairy breeding or production
  • Nick Bellows Scholarship - $5,000 over two semesters for student with interest in dairy promotion
  • Velmar Green Scholarship - $5,000 for a second-year student in the Dairy Management Program of the Institute of Agricultural Technology
  • George and Shirley Hazle Scholarship - $5,000 over two semesters for a student with a strong background in 4-H
  • Gary and Carolyn Trimner Scholarship - $5,000 over two semesters for the MMPA Food Systems Fellowship intern or a veterinary student pursuing a career in bovine medicine